Traditional trade vs. online shop

Having an online shop for a traditional retailer is becoming increasingly important. Undoubtedly, being on the web for the "traditional" trade means greater reach and visibility, staying open 24 hours a day and provides convenience to customers. In addition, the storage capacity is higher as there is no space limitation and it offers the possibility of market segmentation.

At Web By Canarias we have the experience of having developed several digital shops, specifically for clothing and restaurants. But the sector, speciality or products of an online shop have no influence on its creation, except for the size of the shop due to the amount of products on sale and the time needed for its development. As we continually explain to interested merchants, it is the profits that really matter.

An online shop:

  • Reach a much wider audience, even internationally, increasing the chances of attracting new customers.
  • It is open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, allowing customers to shop at any time, even when the physical shop is closed.
  • Customers shop from the comfort of their homes, avoiding travel and saving time.
  • It does not have the physical limitations of a traditional shop, which means you can carry a larger inventory and offer a wider variety of products.
  • It allows market segmentation based on different criteria such as geographic location, customer interests, etc., which facilitates the implementation of more effective marketing and promotion strategies.

For new businesses that only want to set up online and sell online, the launch of a shop implies a lower investment compared to the opening of a physical shop, as there is no need to rent or buy premises, hire extra staff, decorating costs, electricity, etc.

In short, having an online shop for a traditional business provides a series of advantages and opportunities that help to increase sales, attract new customers and adapt to the demands of an increasingly digital market. Call us, we develop secure and reliable online shops. You will soon start to see the advantages and benefits of the digital world.

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