Real and effective online presence

Nowadays there is a parallel world to the real one, the virtual world (the web). The presence in conventional media conditions the awareness of our brand: posters, billboards, advertisements, brochures, corporate plaques, radio spots... what we are mentioned in the market, what we are recommended, what is talked about on TV, newspapers, magazines. In the world of advertising, media impact is measured in GrpS (number of impacts).

The same thing happens on the internet; nowadays, if you are not on the internet, you do not exist. Many companies, professionals and businesses have a website or are present on the net thanks to search engines for products, restaurants, businesses, professional services, etc. But is it enough to open a business and put up a sign? How can we be present on the net in the same way as we are in the real world?

At Webby Canarias we take care of:

  1. Create and manage content.
  2. Writing texts for websites, social networks, newsletters and blogs.
  3. Turn your website or your profile (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...) into a reference in the sector.
  4. Analyse your activity in depth, prepare texts and define which keywords allow a natural positioning of your website.
  5. Keep your content up to date, achieving more visits, with greater assiduity, from clients and users.


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